Tuesday, December 18, 2012

triple twelve.

DECEMBER means the 12th month of the year right? and you guys must be realized that this is year '12 and there's always be date 12th in every month. yes, It's 12/12/12, and it's the last repetitive date we'll ever see until year 3001. and you know what? it's the 19th year of my boyfriend's birth. it's his birthday! his day! ;D what a special day for him 
so I gave him the best surprise that i could made in a moment for him :)

HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY My Ezra Pranata Gunawan ♥

he loves MU, and I wore the "E" necklace

actually he want to buy me this jersey as our couple-tshirt 
but i said to him I won't cause in fact i've bought it as a surprise costume ;p 
sorry i lied to you, boo! 

gifts ♥

Ice Cake by Haagen-Dasz

it's cookies & cream flavor inside, his favorite.
thanks to Valentino Wongso who told me about this :)

guess what's inside that box? :)

with his best friends ;D

kevin - gio - ayleen - me - him  - jesse - valent - nando - matthew

messy me :'D



final exam of term 3 eh?

yes, my university is the fastest uni for arranging the final exam and of course the holiday compare the other units at Surabaya. I'm about enjoying my holiday for 2 months ahead alr. it's started from 4th of December until 4th of February. officially 2months hols eh? ;D thanks my uni!
well, btw here is some of my projects for the final exam. I'm not that pro, but i love my own works :)


bet you guys have seen this before?

model : Narasia

check out more Roses Noires

what's the theme?

about a week ago i had a photoshoot with Nara and some of my friends as the photographer at my friend's studio. actually we planed Christmas theme but it didn't go as well as it should be hahaha. here's some sneak peak, enjoy!

she isn't my dog, but she is so cute!

Monday, November 12, 2012


i visited "Leboye" at Jakarta. and that was such a super inspirational place. thats a place to design logo, hmm we can call it "branding-place" i guess. Leboye is an office, theres a comfortable cafe, and they have art store named "Dia-Loe-Gue". suitable place for an artists. (sorry for the bad angle, I was not in a really good mood that time just wanna share the place with you guys ;) , i used digi-cam btw cause too lazy to bring DSLR)



the hat-man was re-branding the packaging of "Antang*n", hey he just graduated btw!

cool right? ;D

'ma fave thing at their office, so vintage yet so classy

not really an old radio though

the cafe

so wow right?

at the cafe side



creepy or cute?

hey, mr.devil!

the whole side


I'm about to post about my study excursion that had been held on November 1st-4th at Jakarta. not all of the VCDears could join this event, just about 32 VCDears year '10 and 10 VCDears year '11 plus 3 lecturers. that was such  an unforgettable time and i got a lot of inspiration from some places that has been visited. i'll post my photos with the peoples first before the places ;D enjoy!

before boarding

boarding pass (should be LEIN not LIEN :" )

bored at the airplane :"

arrived! ;D (too crowded :")

at Studio Caravan

at Leboye

at Leboye 

at Studio 13

at Studio 13